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Prevent Vtx Overheating

This is a simple method to help cool your video transmitter (such as the TS5828) to prevent it from burning up. It has proven to be effective enough where the transmitter doesn’t need to be in direct airflow. I keep mine under the quad body and haven’thad any burn up.

What you need:

  1. Small heatsink such as these.
  2. Loctite 495 or CA glue
  3. Razor blade/Xacto



  1. Carefully cut off the clear shrink wrap over the label and remove the label (keep it for reference) to expose the metal square where we will mount the heat sink.
  2. Apply a small amount of thermal compound to the bare metal square.
  3. Set the heat sink on top of the compound and press down to ensure the compound spreads out. There should be enough compound that it smashes out to the edges of the heat sink.
  4. Trying not to move the heat sink, wipe off any excess compound around the edges.
  5. Secure the heat sink by applying Loctite/CA to all the edges of the heat sink.


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