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Add a DVR to the Eachine EV800

This is super quick and easy. I won’t take credit for this mod, however I would like to put it down in writing (I prefer looking up how tos on web pages since video tutorials are slow). The video (which I didn’t do) of the mod can be found here.

I used an Eachine ProDVR on these goggles. I have another pair of goggles in which I used an HMDVR and connected it in the same way shown here.

Step 1:

Remove the 4 screws on the front monitor part of the goggles:


Step 2:

Carefully open up the case and locate the video receiver (large metal square).

Step 3:

Find a good spot to drill a hole so you can run the wires between the receiver and DVR.

Step 4:

Connect the wires to the video receiver as shown:

  • Red is + (goes on 5th solder point from the top)
  • Black is ground (goes on 1st solder point from the top)
  • Yellow is video in (goes on 2nd solder point from the top)


Zoomed view:


Step 4:

Put it back together.



3 thoughts on “Add a DVR to the Eachine EV800

  1. thank you. to the point unlike the other guys. i will be coming back to support this site.

  2. I’ve made this mod internal and added 3d printed buttons to control the DVR 😉

    1. Very cool way to clean it up! Might try this once my friend gets a 3D printer…

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