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Make Your Own “Snowman” Type Antenna

You Already Have One

That is, if you have ever bought a video transmitter. Most (if not all) VTX’s already come with an antenna – the infamous “rubber duck” antenna. I frown upon the idea of decieving people and selling something they already own so I’ll show you how to transform your rubber ducky into a snowman.

What’s the Appeal?

Although a cloverleaf circular polarized antenna works better overall, FPV racers (or anybody that flies around a relatively small and unobstructed course) don’t need a cloverleaf antenna. It doesn’t hurt, but the appeal of a snowman type antenna is that it is small, lightweight, flexible, and nearly indestructible – it won’t get caught on racing gates and it won’t get bent up (race tested and approved by Daniel “thatcharacter” Harvey).

Step 1:

You will see a seam about 1/3 of the way from the base of the antenna. Carefully bend the antenna here to pop the top off.


The “naked” antenna

Note: The top white part of the antenna is the part that transmits the 5.8ghz frequency. It is made precisely to a certain length and care must be taken not to cut or damage it. The lower part (the metal shield and braided wire) must not be damaged either since these parts shield the lower part of the antenna.

Step 2:

Carefully cut the pivot pins with an exacto knife.



Step 3:

This is the “hard” part. Remove the top plastic piece by using a pair of wire clippers or a dremel. I have used wire clippers with no problems, you just need to take your time and be careful.


Step 4:

This naked antenna is ready for action but it could use a little protection. Use 3/16 inch shrink tube for this. I also used a little bit of 1/4 inch shrink tube at the base.

At least I know my antenna will survive…

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