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Mobius Mini: The Best FPV Racing Action Cam?

Is it the best?

In the quest for designing more and more efficient quadcopter frames, I really disliked strapping on a huge, bulky action cam air brake to get video. I gave the Mate 808 a shot and wasn’t too impressed which I expected knowing what the specifications were. However, I decided to take another look at the Mobius Mini and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was the same size as the Mate 808. So how does it measure up?


  1. First Impression/Quality
  2. Features/Specs
  3. Size and Weight
  4. Configuration
  5. Screenshot Comparison to Mate 808
  6. Screenshot Comparison to DBPower Action Cam
  7. Flight Screenshots
  8. Flight Videos
  9. Conclusion


1. First Impression/Quality

I was impressed with the packaging and the overall quality of the camera. You can definitely tell from the weight of the camera that they put everything into as small of a case as possible.

Mobius Mini 02

Mobius Mini 03

Mobius Mini 09
Included accessories

Mobius Mini 05

Mobius Mini 04
Shutter and Mode buttons

Mobius Mini 06

Mobius Mini 07
Lower right hole is the reset button “… in case the camera no longer reacts…”
Mobius Mini 08
Mounting holes for the tripod mount


2. Features/Specs

A few of the specs that I like about this cam. Check out the configuration section to see all the available settings.

  • CMOS image sensor
  • Up to 1440p @30fps
  • Up to 1080p @60fps
  • Records in H.264 format
  • Includes adapter to add external power
  • Adapter also outputs video (can connect to a vtx)
    • 60ms video latency @1080
    • 40ms video latency @720
  • Mode button to switch between 2 different video recording configurations
  • Compact and low profile


3. Size and Weight

I measured the dimensions at 55mm x 29mm x 14mm and it tipped my scale at 26g.

Mobius Mini 10

Mobius Mini 11

Mobius Mini 12


4. Configuration

To configure the Mobius Mini, the sofware has to be downloaded from here. The Mini uses the same software as the Mobius 2.

Also, the pdf manual can be found here.

Once the Mobius was plugged in, I opened up the software and it immediately told me there was a firmware update (Highlighted in red at the bottom of the screen).

Mobius Mini Config 01

Mobius Mini Config 05
Tools window. Firmware downloaded and ready to install.
Mobius Mini Config 06
This warning needs to be updated…

Once I reconnected the camera and saw the LEDs blinking, I left the computer and returned about 5 minutes later. I am not sure if the camera turned off during that time, but it was on (LED was green) and the warning box was still open. I checked to see if Windows recognized the cam as a drive. Nope. After about 5 minutes of more nothing, I went ahead and unplugged it. Everything was fine, I didn’t brick it.

Screens of all the configuration tabs:

Mobius Mini Config 09

Mobius Mini Config 10

Mobius Mini Config 11

Mobius Mini Config 12

Mobius Mini Config 13


5. Screenshot Comparison to Mate 808

The quality is leaps and bounds beyond the Mate 808.

NOTE: All images on the left are the Mate 808 1080p @30fps. Click the image for full size:

Mobius Mini Mate 808 Compare 2
Mobius Mini 1080p @ 60fps
Mobius Mini Mate 808 Compare 4
Mobius Mini 720p @60fps
Mobius Mini Mate 808 Compare 3
Mobius Mini 720p @120fps


6. Screenshot Comparison to DBPower Action Cam

Well… I didn’t realize how beat up my DBPower action camera was until I took a close look at the image capture. The only usable portion of the image (for doing a comparison) is the far right side due to misalignment of the lens. However, exposure and color can still be compared.

The image is a bit darker on the Mobius, but it is actually a lot more accurate in terms of the lighting and color for the late evening.

DBPower on the left 1080p @30fps and Mobius Mini on the right 1080p @60fps. Click the image for full size.

Mobius Mini DBPower Compare

7. Flight Screenshots

Screenshots from a sunny video (click for full size):

Mobius Mini Still Sunny03

Mobius Mini Still Sunny02

Mobius Mini Still Sunny04

Screenshots from a cloudy video (click for full size):

Mobius Mini Still Cloudy05

Mobius Mini Still Cloudy04

Mobius Mini Still Cloudy06


8. Flight Videos


9. Conclusion

So far, I am extremely happy with what I have seen so far. I was under the impression that the video quality would suffer as a compromise for a low profile design, but this has surpassed my expectations.

Another great thing about this camera is that it has proven to be very durable – I had 2 rough crashes (as seen in the video) and it was still ticking. Can’t say that about my frames though 🙁

If you are looking for a lightweight action cam that won’t act like an air brake, has great quality, and is durable, the Mobius Mini is the way to go.

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