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Smart ESCs? The Wraith32 35A

Update October 16, 2017: I will be re doing this review with the updated blheli32 32.1 firmware. Go straight to the conclusion to see why.


  1. Smart ESCs?
  2. The Wraith32
  3. Blheli_32
  4. Comparison to Aikon/Spedix ES 30 HV
  5. Comparison to Super Racerbee 30A
  6. Size and Weight
  7. Blheli_32 Suite
  8. Raising the Bar on the World Record
  9. Flight Test/Video
  10. Conclusion


Smart ESCs?

Inherent in the Wraith32’s name is the fact that it is a 32 bit ESC. Gone are the days of the 8 bit EFM8BB21 MCU: we are now in the dawn of a new generation of ESCs that are using the 32 bit STM32 F0 ARM Cortex-M0 MCU. Although both MCUs run at 48Mhz, these ESCs 32 bit processing power will enable our quads to indulge in a new range of tools to enhance performance.


The Wraith32 35A ESC:

The Wraith is easily the best looking (in terms of quality) that I have seen. However, after installing a set, one of the ESCs just quit – only change I made was reflashing the fc. After A LOT of troubleshooting, the ESC was at fault.

Wraith32 Features:

  • Blheli_32
  • 35A with 45A burst
  • Dshot 1200
  • 3S-6S
  • 32 bit STM32 F0 ARM Cortex-M0 MCU @ 48Mhz
  • Current sensing resistor
  • Telemetry
  • Takes commands from flight controller (via dshot) such as make motors beep, enable bidirectional mode, (list will grow as I learn more)

Wraith32 02a

Wraith32 01a



Since the Wraith is a 32 bit ESC, you will have to use the Blheli_32 Suite to do any programming.

Blheli_32 Features:

  • Automatic motor timing
  • More precise control if manually setting motor timing
  • Set max motor acceleration (helps prevent desync)
  • Set max current
  • Smoother throttle
  • Better handling of spikes in throttle response


Comparison to Aikon/Spedix ES 30 HV:

Wraith32 Spedix 01
Top: Wraith32. Bottom: Spedix
Wraith32 Spedix 02
Top: Wraith32. Bottom: Spedix


Comparison to Super Racerbee 30A:

Wraith32 Bee 01
Top: Wraith32. Bottom: Super Racerbee
Wraith32 Bee 02
Top: Wraith32. Bottom: Super Racerbee


Size and Weight:

Wraith32 weight
Wraith32 35A
Super Racerbee 30 weight
Super Racerbee 30A
Spedix weight 01
Spedix ES 30 HV without heat sink
Spedix weight 02
Spedix ES 30 HV with heat sink


Blheli_32 Suite:


Raising the Bar on my personal record:

Since the VX1 is now in the bone yard, the Wraiths will be going into the VXT build. I wasn’t finished seeing what the VX1 can do and I’m hoping the VXT/Wraith/APC 5050s can break the 154.5 mph mark set by the VX1.

Project VX1 01


Flight Test/Video:



I decided not to finish this review due to horrendous quality control… or is it that Blheli_32 has some bugs to work out? Either way, out of EIGHT of the wraiths, I had THREE ESCs that were bad. The last straw was when one of the FETs burned up on my 4th flight – I wasn’t under hard throttle, I didn’t crash, etc. Rather than replace the wraith, I decided to ditch them for something more reliable. I may have to revisit these another time.

2 thoughts on “Smart ESCs? The Wraith32 35A

  1. Did you have any flights where you thought you had a desync, but turns out the voltage reg on the esc burned out? I’ve had two random desyncs and each time one of my wraith32 35a had a dead regulator.

    1. I’m not too sure. I will have to look into it when I get a chance… On the one I lost in flight, you can definitely see that one of the FETs is fried. Have the regulators been an issue?

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