The Name:

NOTE: The name used to be Down and Dirty Drones, but I decided to make it a little more professional sounding 🙂

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Down and dirty – made or done hastily: not revised or polished. 

This describes most builds done here. However, it does not mean thought was not given to the design. Once an idea has formed, a new build is created “hastily” in an effort to prove out the idea. Once the idea has been proven, then it can be “revised and polished“.

The Vision:

To gain a better understanding of the relationship between frame design and flight characteristics of quadcopters; to help initiate the next generation of frame designs.

The Person:

I became enthralled with the Hubsan X4’s I bought my kids for Christmas of 2014. I then built my first drone in February of 2015 and I played around with different configurations but was never satisfied with the design of the frame (example: flat arms). After that, I never assembled a frame the way it was intended. In October of 2015, I began to put more thought into the frames and I built a precursor to the F1. Being a mechanical engineer, machine vision programmer, robot programmer, and even having completed pre-med, I think I have found a hobby to satisfy my brain activity. However, most of my time is devoted to my children.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep the thought process and experiments going buddy, and thank you for sharing the information and data.

    1. Thanks Vas, much appreciated! Being more intuitive and an independent thinker, I found it EXTREMELY surprising how well these frame designs have done. I only hope these ideas are applied elsewhere to help the hobby improve.

  2. awesome

  3. Very nice, drum rolls for shop coming up soon 🙂 Amazing work!

  4. Love your work on faster drones and aerodynamics, it’s inspiring me to try some things myself. Thanks for the site!

  5. Love the engineering you put in it. I just ordered a frame, I’m really excited to fly it.

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