The  Name

NOTE: The name used to be Down and Dirty Drones, but I decided to make it a little more professional sounding 🙂

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Down and dirty – made or done hastily: not revised or polished. 

This describes most builds done here. However, it does not mean thought was not given to the design. Once an idea has formed, a new build is created “hastily” in an effort to prove out the idea. Once the idea has been proven, then it can be “revised and polished“.

The Vision

To gain a better understanding of the relationship between frame design and flight characteristics of quadcopters; to help initiate the next generation of frame designs.

The Person

I became enthralled with the Hubsan X4’s I bought my kids for Christmas of 2014. I then built my first drone in February of 2015 and I played around with different configurations but was never satisfied with the design of the frame (example: flat arms). After that, I never assembled a frame the way it was intended. In October of 2015, I began to put more thought into the frames and I built a precursor to the F1. Being a mechanical engineer, machine vision programmer, robot programmer, and even having completed pre-med, I think I have found a hobby to satisfy my brain activity. However, most of my time is devoted to my children.


3 thoughts on “About

    1. downanddirtydrones says:

      Thanks Vas, much appreciated! Being more intuitive and an independent thinker, I found it EXTREMELY surprising how well these frame designs have done. I only hope these ideas are applied elsewhere to help the hobby improve.


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