Project Archangel

Project Archangel will share the same arm design as the XLR project

This will be the project that will refine the production design.

March 18, 2018:

Fleshing It Out

Exact details are still wishy washy. Since the XLR project is going be wrapping up next week, the floodgates will open to get this one fleshed out a bit more. Regardless, I took a little time to throw together a few prototype frames today – there are many directions to go with this frame.

The Last Design Hurdle

This is what is comes down to: the weight vs strength game. The design is the strongest frame (gram for gram) that I know of so far. But like any frame, where is the cutoff point? How “weak” should I let it get? To make it worse, this will depend on how easy it is to replace an arm.

Finally Some Info

A quick note: many reasons for having a patent pending on the arm construction method, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a Grinch about it. Once I show the design, I hope others go ahead and build their own – I just don’t want to see someone use this design to make a profit. It took a lot of hard work to get to this point – this was not easy and it’s not quite over…
Main Features:
  • In a nutshell, the main thing is the construction method of the arms (patent pending). They have a total width of 3mm but are still extremely strong. This means less thrust is blocked = quieter = faster acceleration = faster top speed = longer flight time.
    • There is a small possibility the arms could go as thin as 2mm (pending tests).
  • The arm design also allows the battery to be mounted vertically and central to everything: half above the arms, half below. This minimizes the moment of inertia by bringing the mass distribution into a more compact area. This meas faster angular acceleration = less energy is needed to reach target gyro speeds = faster response = longer flight times.
  • Due to the “open frame” design, the frame is extremely versatile – in fact, it was brought up by another developer (with an NDA between us) that the design could easily be applied to break the speed, 100m ascent, payload capacity, endurance, and distance records.

Specs (very loose):

  • I had hopes that this would be a crazy light frame, but for many reasons, It will be right around a 40g frame for the 5″ basic frame – this is still very up in the air. If anything, it will drop, as low as 30g or 25g.
  • Initially, the frame(s) will be 5″.
  • 3 (or more) different versions of the frame:
    • The basic 5″ true X frame (roughly 30-40g?)
    • The basic 5″ stretch X frame
    • The Ultralight 5″ frame (roughly 20-30g?)
  • Also, initially only full frame sets (along with spare parts) will be sold. Eventually, add-ons will be sold so an XLR type quad could be built.
  • The frame is designed to work best with separate ESC’s.
  • A lot of things will be clearer by next weekend.

The Prototype Pilot

Obviously, I can fly a quad, but my flying is nothing exciting. To get a true feel for how the frame will be in the hands of a good pilot, I’ll be giving a prototype frame to MetropolisFPV so he can give is a spin and compare it to other frames he has flown. I will eventually hand out 2 or 3 more to get some more feedback. A couple of MetropolisFPV’s videos:


Please feel free to ask questions – I’ll answer if I can and it may help clarify final design parameters.






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