ARX-R V2 5″/6″ Hybrid


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NEW Turtle Mode Horn

To make the frame as cheap as possible, the price breakdown is as follows:

  • $36.25 Base frame (perfect for LOS): Includes all carbon fiber, aluminum motor screws, TPU battery plate, and battery o-rings
  • +$5.50 Stack hardware: Includes (4) aluminum M3 x 20 screws, (4) 6mm tall aluminum hex standoffs, (4) 3/16″ tall plastic standoffs, (4) plastic hex nuts, (2) M3 x 25 steel screws (for use with accessory plate)
        • If you have a lot of stack hardware already, you aren’t forced to buy what you don’t need
  • +$7.99 Canopy: This will include the TPU canopy and canopy o-rings. If you have a 3D printer, the canopy .stl file is available here on Thingiverse for you to print and save $8!
  • +$2.50 for “Distressed Silver” canopy: This takes some additional time and effort to get the color applied

Quick highlights:

  • Fastest production frame
  • Arm repairs are quick and easy – only requires the removal of motor screws
    • I have done this on a full build and takes 1-2 minutes
  • All arm sizes are interchangeable with the center plate
  • Hybrid frame is approximately 220mm motor to motor, 39.25g without stack hardware, battery straps, canopy; and approximately 56.25g with
  • Canopy fully protects electronics
    • O-ring canopy mounting provides secure attachment while allowing quick access to the stack
  • Application of material mechanics to produce arms that require less material to maximize strength
  • Frame can be purchased “bare bones” (without stack hardware or canopy) to use as a foundation for your own creation
  • O-ring battery mounting provides a lightweight but secure alternative to Velcro straps
  • Very hard to explain this one and still needs to be given the test of time: “Conditional flexibility” helps to alleviate the problem of shear stresses associated with rigid frames. In other words, the frame is allowed to flex only under high impacts:
    • During flight, a very high level of stiffness is maintained between the flight controller and motors for low mechanical feedback latency (this can be felt if you try to flex the frame between the flight controller and one of the motors).
    • Under impact ,when forces are high enough, energy is transferred to the center plates and perpendicular arms which are allowed to flex slightly to help diffuse the impact forces (this can be felt if you try to flex the frame between motors)
  • Accessory plate provides a place to attach (using zip ties) misc items such as a vtx and/or rx

Some definitions to avoid confusion:

  • Spar: Each motor is supported by 2 spars; so 2 spars make 1 arm
  • Arm: Each arm is made up of 2 spars

A nice short and to the point assembly video of the frame:

My tuning is getting better, my hands are still shaky:

One of the test pilots videos: maiden flight, an 8.5 minute flight, and some prox flying:


An unintentional crash test of the frame (that’s all I’m good for!):

Not many frames would come away from a crash like this without breaking something. After having the flight controller cut out about 60 feet in the air, the quad went spiraling down onto asphalt. The damage:

  • Three motor bearings and one motor hex nut were destroyed
  • One of the spars broke underneath the motor
  • The other spar became slightly delaminated but was easily repaired with a few drops of CA
  • The flight controller was dead
    • Even if it wasn’t, the impact was so hard that an inductor on the FC cracked and was hanging by a wire
  • The cam and vtx were damaged just enough to be destroyed (I think the TPU pod would have saved them – I was using a temporary mount)


Testimonials about Version 1:

“I just couldn’t believe speed and acceleration. I have a couple 6s Mericas and they feel so slow in comparison…They scream, they’re easily my best racing quads” – Sconeboy

“…this is probably the most fun I’ve ever had flying a quad” – AnnikaB

“The short description is, this frame performs on 4S the way most perform on 6S, it’s a monster” – ZombieSS77


*Patent pending no. 62/643,162

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 110 × 10 × 20 mm

Yes, No

Canopy Size

None, 20 x 20, 30 x 30

Canopy Color

None, Grey, Lava Red, White, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Distressed Silver

Turtle Mode Horn

Yes, No

Battery Plate Color

Black, Dark Blue, Lava Red

Accessory Plate Size

20 x 20, 30 x 30, None

Stack Hardware (aluminum)

No, Yes


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