September 9, 2018:

Just a brief status for the moment until I have a little more time. Right now, I have an “intermediate” data frame that is 98% built – I just have to solder together 6 more wires:

  • The data frame will be used to gather some crucial flight data. This data will be used to determine the dynamic state of the propeller (since static tests tell us nothing) at top speed
    • The full explanation is beyond the scope of this web page, but the key here is to determine the degree of the propeller blade’s AOA (angle of attack).
    • From here, it can be determined (along with other data) how to adjust the physical parameters of the frame and/or electronics to increase speed.
    • Propeller AOA is dependent on the physical parameters of the frame and RPM at top speed. This is why static tests tell us nothing. Wind tunnels also fall short due to several factors that can only be determined by field tests.
  • The data frame is smaller in cross section than the first XLR project and has a very high potential to go faster – especially since the VTX antenna can safely go inside the tail this time
  • The data frame’s nose and tail have been heavily reinforced to help it survive any crashes

I hope to fly it this upcoming week, but as always, delays are expected